"Adapting to climate change through green investments in the Bamenda City Council area and its environs" is now your active project.


Green investment, which involves afforestation, re-aforestation, improved forest, crop land and range land management, and agro-forestry, provides a wide range of opportunities to increase carbon up-take; and slowing deforestation provides an opportunity to reduce emissions. Although green investment seems to be a mitigating activity for climate change, it can also constitute a component of coordinate strategy for reduction, and thus reduce the burden to adapt to the climate change crisis. It is for this reason that the Bamenda City Council has mounted other projects in the municipality in the domain of fresh water ecosystem management, environmental management, poverty reduction and food crisis management. 5.1 Goal of the project: The goal of this project is mitigating and adapting to climate change phenomenon through green investments in the Bamenda City Council and its environs. The following under mentioned objectives shall be developed in to Green Environment strategies. Implementation Matrix under the headings of key issues, desired outcomes, required actions, policies, operational investments and impacts indicators: 1. To improved environmental health within the Bamenda City and its environs from 2014 to 2019 with the population of the seven villages that make up the municipality. 2. To contribute to reducing vulnerability to climate extremes and natural disasters through aforestation, reaforestation , creation of protected and reserve forests and expansion of royal forests 3. Empower youths (male and female) through participatory trainings and creation of school clubs in climate change mitigation strategies. 4. To protect all water catchments and shades within the Bamenda City Council area through the planting of environment friendly trees 5.2 Target beneficiaries 1. Seven Fondoms/Chiefdoms of the Municipality. 2. Main boulevards (planned and / or unplanned) of the Bamenda Municipality. 3. Would-be botanical gardens of the Municipality. 4. Population living close to the protected areas. 5. School children from primary and secondary schools within the municipality. 5.3 Uniqueness and innovative aspects of proposed project • The proposed project is unique and innovative in that Green Environmental Education is inextricably linked to sustainable development values. As children mature, the choices and decisions they make regarding all aspects of their lives include green environmental issues. Values also add consistency to a person’s life, which helps to build a better concept. • The project will distinguish between waste resources issues, which are both inimical to green investments and beneficial to green investments in a growing social environment and economy. • The project will combine both agro-forestry, trees, improved fruit trees, agricultural economic plant conservation and use of environmental and natural resources to ensure a permanent green investment in the Bamenda Municipality. 5.4 Project Sustainability: -Building the capacity of the actors in the field shall lead to a transformed mentality with regards to climate change impacts. In this regard, the consciousness of climate change phenomenon will be a reality and the people within this municipality will forever engage in tree planting activities. - Actors by the end of the project will continuously benefit from the exploitation and sale of non timber forest products from the forests ( Honey and medicinal plants) as a result will prefer the forest intact than destroyed. -There will be a multiplier effect as climate change mitigation strategies will become part of the curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

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