"Enhancing environmental management and conservation, water, hygiene and sanitation in the Bamenda city council area" is now your active project.


In the Bamenda City Council area less than 40 percent of the population has access to an improved water supply on average. Safe water and sanitation close to people’s homes bring far reaching and wide ranging benefits which extend way beyond the expected improvements to health and the reduction in time collecting water. The wider benefits that water, sanitation and hygiene projects have are significant and often unexpected. The benefits extend over all areas of people’s lives – from health and schooling through to work and income generating activities, better family and community relations and improved nutrition. PROJECT LOCATION: MANKON, BAMENDANKWE, NKWEN NJAH, MBATU, CHOMBA AND NSOGWA VILLAGES. 2.1 PROJECT BENEFICIARIES: WELL CONSTITUTED FARMING GROUPS IN THE SEVEN VILLAGES OF THE MUNICIPALITY. 2.2 PROJECT DURATION: SIX YEARS (JANUARY 2014 – 2019) 2.3 PROJECT CONCEPTION / IMPLEMENTATION (PEMCO CONSULTANCY) 2.4 PROJECT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 2.5 PROJECT GOAL: To empower local communities through education, participatory training, extension work for the alleviation of poverty, self-help initiatives in sustainable protection, and conservation of the environment, water, hygiene and sanitation. 2.6 CROSS-SECTORAL OBJECTIVES: 2.6.1 Make the transition to sustainable economic development through improving environmental and natural resource management, water, hygiene and sanitation. 2.6.2 Empower earmarked communities (groups) and individuals to make a sustainable living based on the natural resource endowments of their area and take responsibility for managing them. 2.6.3 Reduce the burden of diseases and poor health by improving the quality of the environment – water, hygiene and sanitation in which people live. 2.6.4 Manage and conserve the unique biological diversity, water, hygiene and sanitation of area for themselves, their future generations and Cameroon. 2.6.5 Establish an enabling environment and build the capacity of project beneficiaries to achieve these objectives and maintain them over the long term.

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