"Enhancing vocational training as a vital tool and strategy in fighting urban and rural youth unemployment and poverty within " is now your active project.


The provision of the opportunity of adequate professional training in various vocational disciplines such as ICT, catering, wood work, glass work, mechanic works, hair dressing etc. Opportunities for the vocationally trained to be profitably self-employed and become potential employees in their various localities. Identification of job creation and job placement opportunities. Creating a strong youth sentiment of self-esteem and a spirit of solidarity and collegiality at work. Institutionalizing youth participation in local development process. Strengthening youth capacity for collective action to manage a self-determined, multi-stakeholder development process. 1.1 PROJECT LOCATION: MANKON, BAMENDANKWE, NKWEN, NJAH, MBATU, CHOMBA AND NSONGWA. 1.2 PROJECT BENEFICIARIES: 100 selected boys and girls from the seven project location for each of the project disciplines. A total of 1200 (600 boys and 600 girls trained in six years.) 1.3 PROJECT VOCATIONAL DISCIPLINES/DOMAINES: 1. Motor mechanics. 2. Modern upholstery and finishing. 3. Industrial metal works. 4. Modern carpentry and joinery 5. Building and construction and hydroform. 6. Hair dressing, barbing and skin care. 7. ICT soft and hardware. 8. Sowing and decoration. 9. Catering and hotel management. 10. Modern craft work and modern embroidery 11. Glass and aluminium works 12. Agriculture, organic market gardening and environmental protection 1.4 EARMARKED POTENTIAL TRAINING INSTITUTIONS. 1) Catholic Mission Garage 2) Shelter Vision 2020 3) Progressive vocational training institution 4) Bamenda Women Empowerment Centre and the family. 5) DENCO Company Ltd 6) New York Vocational Hair and skin care institution. 7) Paul’s Computer Institute 8) Integrated Youth Foundation

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