"Land Use Plan for the City of Bamenda" is now your active project.


A Land Use Plan recommends appropriate land use categories for specific areas of the city. It diagnoses the existing patterns of land use and proposes new patterns to achieve desirable goals and objectives. It is usually a more detailed land use plan based on the recommendations of broad patterns of land uses in an approved Master Plan. A land use plan should include procedures for changing and transforming existing patterns of land uses, as well as creating new land uses in vacant parcels of land to achieve specific social, economic, cultural and environmental objectives. A land use plan should also include a detailed explanatory report and land use zoning rules and regulations, which must be respected by all developers. The planning methodology is participatory, involving the consultation of all key stakeholders along the following planning process: Phase I: Diagnosis of Urban Land Use 1.0 Collection, analysis and evaluation of available planning documents. 2.0 Carry out field surveys. 3.0 Analysis of field survey reports. 4.0 Participatory urban land use diagnosis. 5.0 Strategic orientation of urban land use. 6.0 Presentation of urban land use diagnosis for restitution by steering committee. P.O. Box 495, Bamenda, Mezam Division, North West Region, Republic of Cameroon. Tel./Fax: +237-3336-12-67 / +237-3336-13-13 www.bamendacity.com; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phase II. Preparation of Urban Land Use Plan 7.0 Urban land use planning grill, norms, specifications and standards. 8.0 Preparation of alternative detailed land use plans. 9.0 Urban land use impact assessment. 10.0 Programming of the implementation of urban land use plan. 11.0 Identification of priority urban land use projects. 12.0 Preparation of plan of action and priority plans of action. 13.0 Presentation of proposed land use plans for restitution by steering committee. Phase III: Preparation and Submission of Draft Land Use Plan and Report 14.0 Recommended process and procedures for implementing urban land use plans. 15.0 Urban land use zoning rules and regulations. 16.0 Costing and evaluation of urban land use plans. 17.0 Finalising urban land use plans and reports. 18.0 Preparation of land use zoning rules and regulations. 19.0 Submission of urban land use plan and report to contracting authority. Phase IV: Preparation of Final Land Use Plan and Report 20.0 Revision of draft land use plan and report. 21.0 Reproduction of final land use plan and report. Phase V: Approval of Urban Land Use Plan 22.0 Public consultation of proposed land use plan. 23.0 Presentation of final land use plan to the Bamenda City Board for adoption. 24.0 Presentation of adopted land use plan to approving authority. 25.0 Publication, dissemination and marketing of approved land use plan. Phase VI: Implementation of Approved Land Use Plan The public is hereby requested to collaborate fully with the consulting team to ensure that their view and opinions are taken into account. Agents of the consultation team shall contact people at their work places and at their homes to collect vital data and information needed for this very important exercise.

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