"Reclaiming and developing wetlands" is now your active project.


Analysis of policies on the ground (Case III) Reclaiming and developing wetlands To achieve a tourist and eco-friendly Bamenda, we have to reclaim about 500 hectares of land for the following: City Greens, Parks and Squares. Municipal Lakes, and City Canals. This falls within our vision of the General Development of the Greater Bamenda area. Apart from reclaiming lands and developing a housing scheme, we shall also construct new roads to link the surrounding districts of Bamenda. The total estimated land reclamation and the building of about 200km of roads is estimated to cost about CFA 150 billion (about $300 million). Expected income from the sale of reclaimed lands is about CFA 200 billion (about $400 million). ALL OUR PPP VENTURES, WHEN FULLY EXECUTED, SHALL GENERATE ABOUT CFA THREE BILLION (ABOUT $6 MILLION) FOR THE BAMENDA CITY COUNCIL ANNUALLY.

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