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The project idea here is based on a vision for the development of the city and making it a functional and aesthetic entity. The project objectives presented in this proposal are the following: • Land reclamation in the City of Bamenda for infrastructural development. • The construction of a multi-purpose leisure park for recreational activities. • The construction of a Municipal Lake for the management of floods in the city. • The creation of new roads and the rehabilitation of existing ones to ensure adequate mobility in the city.

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City Profile

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in City Council News



No. 001 / PICMI /PC / BCC

OF 24 MAY 2017





Lot 1: The Bamenda Modern Commercial Centre


Lot 2: The Bamenda Modern Food Market


Lot 3: The Nkwen-Bamenda Modern Commodity Market





MAY 2017






P.O. Box 495, Bamenda, Mezam Division, North West Region, Republic of Cameroon.

Tel./Fax: +237-3336-12-67 / +237-3336-13-13;




Article 1: Purpose for the Public International Call for the Manifestation of Interest

The BamendaCity Council, hereinafter referred to as "the PublicPartner,"launchesan InternationalPublic Call for the Manifestationof Interest (PICMI), for the construction, operation and maintenance of the Bamenda Modern Commercial Centre,inthe form of aPublic-Private Partnership Contract.Summary informationon the projectcan be obtained fromthe Technical Servicesofthe Bamenda City Council.


Article 2: Responsibility Entrusted on the Private Partner

ThePrivate Partnerwill be responsible for the construction,operation andmaintenanceof the Bamenda Modern Commercial Centre.


Article 3: Selection Procedure

In accordance with the existing regulatoryframework for partnership agreements,for which relevant elementscan be obtained from the Support Councilfor theRealisation ofPartnership Contracts(CARPA), the procedure for selecting the PrivatePartnerconsists ofthe following:

  1. A call for manifestation of interest to establish a short-list of up to five (05) candidates, who will be invited to participate in a much more restricted tender.

  2. A restricted tender, inviting candidates in the short list of five (05) to submit their applications and comprehensive offers.

  3. Screening of candidates for pre-qualification dialogue.

4 A pre-qualification dialogue to determine each shortlisted candidate's technical, legal and financial files appropriate for the execution of the project.

  1. At the end of the pre-qualification dialogue, pre-selected candidates will be invited to submit their final offers, which will be analyzed by the committee responsible for drafting the report of this pre-qualification dialogue, so as to determine the final ranking of the tenders.

  2. On the basis of the pre-qualification report, the provisional successful bidder will be identified and invited to negotiate the terms of the Partnership Contract.

  3. 7. The final step will consist of negotiating and preparing a draft partnership agreement to be signed by the Private Partner, a Cameroon Law-based company, set up to this effect by the provisional successful bidder.

It should be notedthat theprovisional successful bidder, whether Cameroonianor foreign,natural orlegal person, will,before entering into the Partnership Agreement, create a companyunder theCameroonian lawfor the management of the project.


Article 4: Eligible Candidates

ThisPICMIisopen to any companywith satisfactoryreferencesin the construction, maintenance and operation ofmodern commodity centresorsimilarventures.





Companies, which are subject tolegal redress or liquidation, will Not be eligible forthisPICMI. Moreover, the same company cannotbe bothcandidate andmember of a consortium. Members of aconsortiumwill be hired jointly and severally. Theconsortium mustdesignate, in writing, the agent torepresent them atevery phaseof the process, following the form providedin the Appendix.


Article 5: Application form


The applicationto be provided byeach candidatewill be composedas follows:


  1. Administrative and financial record.
  2. References.
  3. Operating and maintenance plan.

Each document (A,BorC)will be placedin a separate, closed andsealed envelope.

Administrative and financial record

The administrative and financial record will include:

- A letter of manifestation of interest duly signed by the legal representative of the applicant (sample attached).

- A sworn statement of the applicant (sample attached).

- A declaration of solidarity in case of a consortium (sample attached).

- A general presentation of the candidate (sample attached).

- A certified copy of business licence (or equivalent document in the applicant's country).

- The original copy of a certificate of non-bankruptcy (or equivalent document in the applicant's country), not older than 03 (three) months before the deadline for submission of applications.

- A company cash flow chart for the last three (03) fiscal years (sample attached).

-Audited and certified financial statements for the lastthree (03) accounting yearsof the company.


The candidate must produce a list of references in the following areas (sample attached), and in the case of a consortium, each member company will do same:

- Financing ofmodern commodity centresorsimilarinfrastructure (public buildings, social housing schemes, etc).

- Constructionand maintenance ofmodern commodity centresorsimilarinfrastructure.

- Operation and management of modern commodity centres or of similar infrastructure.


Operating and management plan

Without this being a technical and financial offer, the candidate must, however, provide:

- A brief description, but with sufficient understanding of the operation and maintenance of modern commodity centres within the framework of a partnership agreement with the Bamenda City Council.

- A brief indication of investments to be made.

- The quality of services to be provided in the Bamenda Modern Commercial Centre.

- Revenue from the operation of the Bamenda Modern Commercial Centre.

-Jobs to be createdduring the operation ofthe Bamenda Modern Commercial Centre.

Article 6: Submission of Applications

The application, consisting of envelopes A, B, C, each sealed and the three placed in another closed and sealed outer envelope, must be deposited against a receipt, in the office of the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, on or before the 23rd of June 2017 at the latest, before 03:30 PM.

The opening of tender documents by the Special Commission will take place on a date to be announced to all candidates, who had duly obtained files of the PICMI.

Each section of the application (A, BorC) will include one (01) original copyand six (06)copies.

The outersealed envelopeshall carrythe following information:





No. ___ / PICMI /PC / BCC of _________________




Applicationsshould be submitted inEnglish or French.

Any application submitted after the deadline will not be considered.



Article 7: Analysis of Applications

The Special Commission will open files in a public session meant for candidate identification and compliance records (conditions of presentation of application, presence of application documents required and the respect of given samples).

All administrative and financial records deemed non-compliant will be rejected.
Regarding the files relating to references, operating and management plan, if the Committee deems appropriate and necessary, it may request the candidate(s) concerned to provide the missing documents or any additional information or documents. In this case, the candidate will be required to respond to the Commission within a given deadline.

The Commission will evaluate the application files of candidates by applying the following rating criteria:

- General presentation of application file:                                                                               10 pts

- Candidate's references:                                                                                                         30 pts


-Financing modern commodity centres or similar infrastructure:                               (10pts)

-Construction and maintenance of modern commodity centres or similar facilities:  (10pts)


-Operation of modern commodity centres or similar infrastructure:                          (10pts)

- Creation of local jobs:                                                                                                           20 pts

- Financial strength of the candidate:                                                                                     20 pts

- Operation and maintenance plan:                                                                                         20 pts


After theevaluationof application files, the Bamenda City Council willretain alistof up to fivecandidates, rankedin order ofmerit,to participate in therestricted call for tenders.


Article 8: Withdrawal of Application Forms for the Public International Call for the Manifestation of Interest

As from the date of publication of this Public International Call for the Manifestation of Interest in the media, interested bidders may withdraw tender files, free of charge, from the Chief of Cabinet at the office of the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Coumcil: Tel./Fax: (00237) 233 36 12 67 / (00237) 233 36 13 13, or by written request by email to:


Article 9: Notification of Results


After evaluating all application files received, a maximum of the first five (05) candidates will be retained and invited to participate in the next step, which will be a restricted call for tenders.

All applicants,who will submit applications,will be duly notified inwriting of the resultsof the evaluation.



The Government Delegate,
Bamenda City Council,

Vincent Nji Ndumu.


CLick here to download and print tender


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