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Futuristic Bamenda City Plan

The Development of the City of BAMENDA

The project idea here is based on a vision for the development of the city and making it a functional and aesthetic entity. The project objectives presented in this proposal are the following: • Land reclamation in the City of Bamenda for infrastructural development. • The construction of a multi-purpose leisure park for recreational activities. • The construction of a Municipal Lake for the management of floods in the city. • The creation of new roads and the rehabilitation of existing ones to ensure adequate mobility in the city.

City Profile

City Profile

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Visiting Bamenda

Visiting Bamenda

Located between the hills it...

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Bamenda offers an ideal enabling...

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Welcome to Bamenda

Welcome to Bamenda

Bamenda, also known as Abakwa,...



The North West Region of...


Bamenda, also known as Abakwa, sprawling over the north-western plateau of Cameroon, is the capital city of the North West Region. It is situated 366 km north-west of the administrative capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, and about 450 km of Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala. Known for its cool climate and scenic hilly location, Bamenda is all about a city and a people whose commitment to self-reliance sets the pace in individual and collective development. Because of a common and shared history, hospitality is a legendary asset of the people of Bamenda, principally constituted today of the seven villages of Mankon, Nkwen, Mendankwe, Mbatu, Chomba, Njah and Nsongwa – a veritable socio-cultural melting pot.

Bamenda was subjected to German colonialism in the late 19th century and evidence of this can still be seen today in attractive tourist structures such as the Fort at the Bamenda Station, which hosts the offices of the North West Regional Governor, as well as the historic colonial cemetery. Many of the city's inhabitants are English-speaking, and Cameroonian Pidgin English is the lingua franca in the shops and on the streets of Bamenda.

As a Regional centre, the city of Bamenda has numerous financial institutions, woodcarvings, bronze statues, local artworks and common craftworks, a wide variety of local baskets and beads, markets, and state-of-the-art restaurants and hotels – all of this only crying out for tourist attention, especially cultural sites such as the Mankon Fon's Palace, with its newly constructed museum, and the Bali Fon's palace, with its ancient architectural structures. The mountainous terrain around the city affords such dream scenic views as that from the Sabga Hill over the Ndop plain, some 15 km from the city of Bamenda, and the breath-taking view as one zigzags and meanders down into the city from Up-Station, the north-western entrance into this city of great hope.

Since gaining City status in 2008, moving from an Urban Council to a City Council, Bamenda, the third largest City in Cameroon, is currently undergoing rapid transformation into an ultra-modern city, with appropriate land use planning, road infrastructure, public lighting, greater access to potable water, urban forests, green spaces, public parks and an eco-friendly tradi-social environment.

On behalf of the people of Bamenda and the entire North West Region of Cameroon, the Municipal Administration of the City of Bamenda welcomes you to this land of warm friendship and hospitality, fondly known as Bamenda la belle.

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The Government Delegate

I am Vincent Nji Ndumu, born on the 16th of October 1960 in Bamenda and a Civil Engineer by training. I have an M.Sc. (1990) in Construction Project Management from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UMIST......

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Duties of the Government Delegate

The City Council of Bamenda is placed under the authority of a Government Delegate appointed by ........

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Government Delegate's speeches

Read  speeches made by the Government Delegate, Mr Vincent Nduma, on various events

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Protocol of cooperation

Bamenda in Cameroon and Dordrecht in The Netherlands are engaged in a long friendship.In Bamenda a pioneer Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council was ........

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Recent City Council  projects

Highlight about some recent projects,projects for which studies have been finalised, and for which State guarantees are required for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

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