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On behalf of the board of the Dordrecht-Bamenda Foundation and the municipality of Dordrecht I would like to offer you this paper with more information about the Twinning Dordrecht-Bamenda andits activities.

This paper will discuss the following subjects:

definition of ‘Twinning’ in general, the origination ofthe twinning relation between the city of Dordrecht and the city of Bamenda, the Dordrecht-Bamenda foundation and its projects and activities and the City Wide Approach.

A Twinning is an alliance or bond between a Dutch city and a city in a foreign country. Aim of this alliance can be to share knowledge, learn from each others culture and most importantly support each other on a governmental or administrative level. Another important goal can be international development. More than 75% of the municipalities in Holland have an alliance with a city in another country.

The first alliances between Dutch and foreign cities were made shortly after the Second World War.Cities in Europe were of the opinion that the best way to contribute to peace was to increase a mutual understanding and awareness between communities in different countries all over the world. For this purpose people founded solidarity-committees in the sixties and seventies to make the Dutch population more aware about the world around them. These activities resulted in the establishment of contacts between cities in Europe and cities in other parts of the world. Over time a number of these contacts were formalised and municipalities started to reserve money for projects in foreign countries and for awareness activities in Dutch cities about international subjects.

The city Dordrecht has official Twinning relation with Recklinghausen (Germany),

Hastings(England), Varna (Bulgary), Emalahleni/Dordrecht (South-Africa) and Bamenda.

History between contacts Dordrecht and Bamenda

The first contacts between the city of Bamenda and Dordrecht were established in March 1993 during a convention about municipal and regional cooperation in Florence (Italy). During this convention, mr.Sanjou Tadzong in his position as the government delegate of Bamenda asked mr. J. Janse, vice mayor
of Dordrecht for assistance in building a number of bridges in Bamenda. This assistance was given in the years after and resulted in an official Twinning between the two cities in February1995.In 2006 the mayor of Dordrecht, mr. Ronald Bandell visited Bamenda and it was then decided to continue the twinningrelation for another 10 years..

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