Bamenda Dordrecht longterm relationship

Bamenda in Cameroon and Dordrecht in The Netherlands are engaged in a long friendship.
In Bamenda a pioneer Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council was appointed in February 2009. This Government Delegate, Mr. Vincent Nji Ndumu, visited Dordrecht with two of his collaborators: Mr. Victor Fomefret, Secretary General to the Bamenda City Council, and Mr. Jude Waindim, Public Relations expert, from 19 till 23 of September 2009. The aim of the vistit was to get aquainted with the activities of the twinning relation.

To carry on with the cooperation the two parties


1. Bamenda will finalise the City Council Organisational Chart and send it to Dordrecht.

2. The City Wide Approach platform will be enlarged to about 25 members, to cover the socio economic aspects of the community.

- A first meeting of the enlarged platform will be held in November 2009.
- New roles and responsabilities of the platform will be determined during the November meeting.

3. To ensure smooth communication and accountability the communication between Dordrecht and Bamenda will go as follows:
- Communication and information about the twinning activities will pass through the Communications and Public Relations service of the cabinet of the Government Delegate of the Bamenda City Council, the International Relations Officer of the cabinet of the Mayor of Dordrecht and the Coordinator of the Dordrecht-Bamenda Association. At the time of this agreement, it concerns Mr. Jude Waindim, Mrs. Gea Davids and Mrs. Astrid Helder.

4. The role of the CWA Bamenda platform will be:
-identify, initiate and prioritise projects
-advise on the feasability of the projects
-monitor and evaluate the execution of the projects

5. Bamenda City Council will provide a cultural package for Dordrecht to get as much insight as possible in the cultural and social life of Bamenda in particular and Cameroon in general.
- Bamenda will provide Dordrecht with a cultural calendar of events, festivities and memorials every year.

6. Bamenda will formulate a request for capacity building for municipal officials.

7. Waste management: Bamenda has formulated their need for assistance and Netwerk will respond in due time.
Both parties will try to find more sustainable ways of handling the method of waste collection in Bamenda.

8. Bamenda will draw up a cost estimate for the Waterside Bridge. The Dordrecht-Bamenda association will try once more time to allocate funds for this bridge.

9. Both cities will work out the possibility for local media exchange.

Signed in Dordrecht the 22nd of September 2009.

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