Protocol of Cooperation between Bamenda and Dordrecht

I.    The Bamenda City Council delegation, made up of Government Delegate, Mr. Vincent Nji Ndumu; Secretary General, Mr. Victor Fomefret; and Jude Waindim, Communications and Public Relations consultant, is treated to a welcome dinner offered by the Municipal City of Dordrecht at Restaurant Amuse, Voorstraat 261, 3311 EP, Dordrecht at 7 PM on Saturday, 19th September 2009:

-    Present for the dinner are the Mayor of Dordrecht, Mr. Bandell and his wife, accompanied by close collaborators of the Mayor as well as members of the Dordrecht-Bamenda Association.
-    During the dinner, Jude Waindim explains the significance of the gifts from Bamenda: a cowry and pearl wall design depicting different fauna and flora from the grassfields of Bamenda as well as typical Bamenda traditional male and female wear and artifacts.
-    Mayor Bandell equally presents gifts to Mr. Vincent Nji Ndumu and his delegation in the form of paintings and literature that recount the origin and history of the oldest city in The Netherlands.

II.    Working sessions from Monday, 21st September to Tuesday, 22nd September 2009 at T Zeepaert Wijnstraat 113, Dordrecht:
-    Getting into the details of international relations, Municipal and societal cooperation, history of twinning between Bamenda and Dordrecht, terms of agreement between the two cities, projects of the Dordrecht-Bamenda Association, mutual exchanges between the two cities, the Bamenda City Wide Approach Platform and way forward – 2016 vision.

III.    Mayor Bandell of Dordrecht and Bamenda City Council Government Delegate, Mr. Vincent Nji Ndumu, sign Protocol of Cooperation indicating new trend for Bamenda-Dordrecht relation, at Crownpoint Conference Room 409, on Tuesday, 22nd September 2009.

IV.    Bamenda-Dordrecht friendship in action:
-    Bamenda decorates Dordrecht International Relations Officer, Mrs. Gea Davids, and one of the founding fathers of the Dordrecht-Bamenda Association in the presence of Association Coordinator, Mrs. Astrid Helder.
-    The Bamenda delegation is offered a guided tour of the Mayor’s office as well as municipal work stations.
-    Coffee break during Dordrecht Council Meeting with Bamenda in attendance.

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