Munucipal treasurer

Placed under the authority of a Municipal Treasurer, who is co-appointed by the Minster of Territorial Administration and Decentralization and the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Municipal Treasury is charged with effecting income and expenditure transactions of the city council.
The Municipal Treasurer is notably charged with:

•    Recovering and regulating expenditure ordered by the Government Delegate.
•    Assuring the safe-keep and management of funds and the precious items of the city council.
•    General and analytic accountability of the city council in conformity with the prescriptions of the State accounting plan.

The Municipal Treasury comprises:     
•    A Recovery Brigade.
•    A service of Control of Expenditure and Management Accounts.
•    A Service of Accounting and Cash Counters.

The Services of the Municipal Treasury could be further structured into offices.

    The composition and missions of each of these Services are defined by a particular text.

For the accomplishment of his mission, the Municipal Treasurer could, when need arises, be assisted by one or many finance agents.

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