Directorate of Technical Services

Placed under the authority of a Director, assisted by a Deputy, the Directorate of Technical Services is charged with:

•    The elaboration, putting in place and follow up of the execution of policies of care and protection in Bamenda town of public buildings, equipment and infrastructure of the city council – their conception, construction, modernization, maintenance and exploitation.
•    The supervision of the execution of legislation and technical regulations relating to technical care and the exploitation of diverse networks land urban services.
•    The elaboration and follow up of the management contracts of equipment and use of public services in relation with the services concerned.
•    The co-ordination of the technical services, the programming of weekly task, weekly update monthly and annual realizations in relationship to set objectives.
•    The preparation of necessary invoices for the accomplishment of missions in the domain of the voted budget in relation with the administrative services concerned.
•    The follow up of the budget execution of the city council in relation with concerned services.
•    The elaboration and follow up of the policy of the city council in issues of the security of buildings and infrastructure, management of urban risks and the protection of citizens in liaison with concerned services and organization.
•    Keeping an alert watch over the application of legislative measures and regulations relating to the protection of citizens and diverse urban risks.
•    Technical relations with the technical services of national and foreign municipalities formation centres and ministries.
•    Planning, programming and control of the execution of drainage works in the city area.
•    The management of Garage and workshops.
•    The maintenance of city council buildings and equipment (vehicles, trucks etc).
It acts like Association Engineer for the supervision of certain jobs, studies or services rendered under the control of the State and other diverse organizations.

The Directorate of Technical Services Comprises:
•    Infrastructure promotion service.
•    City council facilities service (Garages and workshops).
•    Service for the co-ordination of public utilities networks: Water – Electricity – Telephone.
•    Service of direct works.

Infrastructure Promotion Service.

     Placed under the authority of a Chief of Service the service of Infrastructure promotion service is charged with:

•    Planning, programming and controlling the construction of council infrastructure.
•    Professional relations with government departments concerned with construction affairs.
•    Controlling the execution of urban restructuring works.
•    Advising the public in matters of construction and land use regulations.
•    Examining and advising on applications for building plots in collaboration with services concerned.
•    Drawing up and implementation of the master plan of the road infrastructure in collaboration with the services concerned.
•    Identification, programming, study and the realization of new or maintenance work of road network in the council area.
•    Prior control before authorization by the council of road network planned by town planners, land owners or by public or private promoters and approval for any periodic road works to be done and verification of conformity with instructions in the authorization.
•    Handling a repertory of all the roads in the council area.

It comprises two (02) Bureaux

o    Municipal road network bureau
o    Construction and maintenance bureau

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