Directorate of Administrative Affairs and Human Resources

Placed under the authority of a Director, the Directorate of Administrative Affairs and Human Resources is charged with:

•    The management of the personnel of the City Council.
•    Legal affairs, litigation and insurance.
•    Activities relating to free association, political expression and social communication of the City Council.
It comprises:
1.    A personnel and vocational training service.
2.    Legal affairs and insurance service.
3.    Documentation service and records service.
4.    Civil Status Service.
5.    Cultural and social activities follow up service.

Personnel and Vocational training service.

     Placed under the authority of a Service Head, the personnel service is charged with:
•    The administrative and financial management of personnel.
•    The establishment of mission orders and travel documents.
•    Relations with staff representatives.
•    Update of personnel data.
•    The evaluation of personnel needs and the preparation of recruitment plans.
•    Training, capacity-building, recycling, programmes for the personnel of the City Council.
•    General discipline and order.
•    The preparation of promotion and discipline commissions with the Service head acting as Secretary.
•    The classification of annual mark sheets of each employee in liaison with the concerned service.
•    Professional relations with other administrative bodies and external organizations.
•    Honorary distinctions and awards.
•    The settlement of diverse dues to personnel of the City Council.

Legal affairs and Insurance Service.

     Placed under the authority of a Service Head, the Legal affairs and Insurance Service is charged with:

•    Defending the interest of the City Council in all suits.
•    Preparation of all text drafts to be submitted either for the signature or opinion of the Government Delegate.
•    Providing legal opinion on every subject that has bearing on the city council.
•    The legality of all City Council engagements.
•    The collection, classification, exploitation, diffusion and follow up of the execution of all legislative and statutory texts.
•    The management of all acts relating to the insurance of employees, material and buildings of the city council.
•    Keeping an alert watch on all transactions relating to the civic responsibility of the city council as well as suing for damages.

Documentation and Records Service.

     Placed under the authority of a Service Head, the Documentation and Records Service is charged with:

•    The conception and putting in place of a system of rational classification of administrative and technical documentation of the city council.
•    The collection, treatment and conservation of information, documents and the archives of the city council.
•    The management of special reviews and publications.
•    Civil Registry, especially records and conservation of archives.

The Cultural and Social Activities follow up Service.

     Placed under the authority of a Service Head, the cultural and social activities follow up Service is charged with:

•    The elaboration, execution and follow up of the strategy of the social development of the city council, notably in favour of vulnerable groups (youth, women, the handicapped) and diverse acts of solidarity and charity.
•    Relations with cultural, sporting association, community-based groups and all health and education association, NGO’s social quarter groups as well as with city sub-divisions and all other competent State Service.
•    The organization of professional capacity-building internships for the youth.
•    The management of assistance for the creation of micro-economic projects in relation with the service and organizations concerned.
•    Studies and proposals of the installation of new social infrastructure.
•    The promotion and management of social welfare activities for the personnel of the city council.
•    The management of lodging facilities for the personnel of the city council.
•    City council medical unit.
•    The putting in place of necessary logistics for the organization of ceremonies and feasts in relation with services concerned.
•    The follow up of transit formalities and customs duties in relation to the importation of material ordered for by the city council.
•    The surveillance and maintenance of equipment installed on administrative offices and residence.
•    The organization of cultural manifestations.
•    Relations with traditional authorities and the Cabinet.
•    The quality of welcome offered to public service users.
•    The use of city council space.
Civil Status Service.

     Placed under the authority of Chief of Service, the Civil Status Service is charged with:

•    The Organization and supervision of the management of the civil status registry (establishment of birth, death, marriage and life certificates, certificate of individuality, single status etc) in the council.
•    The organization and assurance of the safety and security of the civil status archives.
•    Follow up the collection and treatment of demographic statistics in the city council area.
•    Assisting council services in legal matter relevant to civil status.

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