The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is placed under the authority of a Secretary General.

     As the principal collaborator of the Government Delegate, he follows up the general run of affairs of the City Council and to this effect, could receive the delegation of powers from the Government Delegate to sign certain documents that do not bear on the financial engagement of the City Council.

As such, he:-

•    Assists the Government Delegate in his Administrative duties.
•    Assists the Government Delegate in implementing City Council policy.
•    Co-ordinates and moderates the action of the departments of the City Council.
•    Makes the necessary decision proposals to the Government Delegate.
•    Ascertains serenity in the treatment of all files.
•    Assures the warm welcome of all public service users.
•    Endeavours to create a good working environment for the workers of the city council.
•    Represents the local authority as appropriate.
•    Represents the Government Delegate at some internal or external meetings of the council Institution.
•    Makes recommendations on some issues related to council Administrative management.
•    Prepare the instruments and decisions of the Government Delegate after verifying their legality.

In the case of the absence of the Secretary General, the Government Delegate designates a Director to act in the interim.

Attached to the General Secretariat are:

-    The Computer Unit.
-    Mails Bureau
-    Translation Unit
-    Follow up Unit.

 Placed under the authority of a unit head, the computer unit is charged with:

•    The management of the computer system of the council.
•    The development of computer programs and information adapted to the management of council services.
•    The conservation and diffusion of information on computers.
•    The regular maintenance of council computer equipment.
•    The training and assistance of users
•    Technical studies and evaluation of computer projects in the council.
•    Relations with external suppliers or repairers in the domain of computers.
•    All other jobs in its area of competence assigned to it by the Mayor or the Government Delegate.


   Placed under a Chief of Bureau, the mails office is charged with:

•    The collection and distribution of ordinary and registered letters.
•    The reception, registration and distribution of mails on arrivals.
•    The registration and postage of mails.
•    The transmission of information to services and workers in mattes concerning mails.
•    All other matters relating to mails that may be assigned to him by hierarchy.


    Placed under the authority of the translation unit head.

•    The translator shall ensure good quality translation both in French and English.
•    He shall be bound by professional secrecy. He shall not in any manner whatsoever, release or publish without the Bamenda City Council’s authorization any information which he has obtained in the course of his duty.
•    He shall not use confidential information obtained in the practice of his profession against Bamenda City Council or with a view to acquiring directly an advantage for himself or for a third party.
•    The translation unit could employ the expertise of a consultant.


    Placed under the authority of the follow up unit head, the follow up unit is charged with:

•    The follow up of assigned tasks or missions instigated by the Secretary General.
•    The follow up of operating departments activities and that of the General Secretariat.
•    The exploitation of activity reports, socio-economic and cultural reports etc.

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