General Inspectorate of Council Services

Placed under the authority of an Inspector with a rank of a sub director. The Inspectorate of Council Services is charged with:
•    The control and evaluation of the internal functioning and output of council service, public council services, community based public establishments as well as projects involving the council.
•    Participating in fixing and measuring the level of realization of performance objectives of different council services.
•    Carrying out studies necessary to optimize the performance of resources, public services and equipment in the council.
•    Assisting the Government Delegate or the Mayor and the Secretary General in the preparation of Municipal Council sessions, drawing up of minutes reports and related resolutions.
•    Informing the Heads of Council Services regularly about the functioning and performance of their services.

It comprises of:

•    Management control unit.
•    Inspection and audit unit.

Placed under the authority of a cadre with rank of a Service Head, the Management Control Unit is charged with:-

•    The control and evaluation of the internal functioning of the City Council, public institutions that have the interest of the community at the heart of their action, as well as projects attached to the City Council.
•    The study and elaboration of the procedures and methodology of the functioning of all the Services of the City Council and the institution of follow up strategies.
•    The elaboration of all necessary measures for job execution and methods of optimizing available means and the simplification of tasks for all services.
•    The Government Delegate’s information sheet on the quality of services rendered by the City Council.
Placed under the authority of a cadre with rank of a Service Head, the Inspection and audit Unit is charged with:-

o    The conception and elaboration of Inspection / audit system for the City Council.
o    Providing the necessary support for the conception and the putting in place of a data bank in relation to the management control of the City Council.
o    Assistance to the development of managerial technology and secretariat duties for all services.
o    The treatment and management of information relevant to all financial, accounting and technical documents of the Bamenda City Council.
o    The responsibility of maintaining and renewing information hard and software in the council financial and accounting management.

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