The Government Delegate


The City Council of Bamenda is placed under the authority of a Government Delegate appointed by the President of the Republic.


The Government Delegate is assisted by Assistants appointed by the President of the Republic. The duties of the Government Delegate’s Assistants are spelt out by a Government Delegate’s Municipal Order in accordance with the Prime Ministerial’s Decree No. 2008/0752/PM of 24th April 2009 and other relevant laws and regulations.


For the execution of its missions, the City Council of Bamenda shall dispose of:-

• A Cabinet,

• A General Secretariat

• Operating Departments

• Services attached to the City Council (Municipal Treasury, Store Accountancy) CHAPTER II THE CABINET AND ATTACHED SERVICES.

  Placed under the authority of a Chief of Cabinet with the rank of sub director. The Cabinet is charged with, among others:-

• Private affairs.

•The Delegate’s private mail and audiences.

• Protocol.

• Out-reach Communications and Public Relations.

• Security matters.

• International Co-operation.

• Management control.

• Information on Services. The Cabinet comprises particularly of:-

• The Private Secretary.

• The Communication and public relations.

• The co-operation and local partnership units

• The General inspectorate of Council Services.

• The Municipal Police. Article 5: The Private Secretariat. Placed under the authority of a Head of Private Secretariat, with rank of Service Head, the Private Secretary is charged with:

• Confidential matters of the Government Delegate.

• Registering and treating private mails addressed to the Government Delegate in person.

• Managing the audiences and time-schedule of the Government Delegate.

• Protocol in collaboration with other Council Services and Departments.

• All missions assigned by the Government Delegate. The Private Secretariat could also comprise a Chief of Protocol with the rank of Deputy Service Head.

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