All the Information You Need to Become an Air Hostess!

Today there are very few jobs in the world in which you will get the opportunity to roam the world, meet new people and even get a high salary. Every single person in the world want to have such a fantastic job, but you need to possess some special qualities for getting a job of an air hostess, which is one of the coolest and most desired jobs in the world. Perhaps many girls dream of becoming an air hostess since childhood, but this is not so easy, you will get this fascinating job only on the basis of some special skills and after completing the criteria and procedure required for getting the job of air hostess in any reputed airline company.

We always look just one aspect of Air Hostess’s work as this job is full of responsibilities and even during hijacks air hostess has to deal with these negative situations and there’s a risk of life always included in it. So if you are thinking of becoming an air hostess then prepare yourself for the upcoming situations, in which the mentioned below useful tips will help you.

Useful Steps and Things Required to Become an Air Hostess

If you dream of becoming an air hostess since childhood, then you should have some special qualities like attractive personality, good communication skills and proper reasoning skills as well to become an air hostess in one of the big airline company. Although if you’re searching for how to become an air hostess than mentioned below useful tips will help you and provide you the guidance you’re looking for.

  • Educational background

Minimum qualification required to apply for the course of air hostess is 10+2, many girls want to make their successful careers as an air hostess and even some institutes offer special courses for the candidates only 10th pass, but make sure to select the institute which is genuine and has good reputation between several airline companies. It is much better to join air hostess course only after completing 10+2.

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  • Your age and relationship status

Many institutes prefer to give admission to the candidates within the age group of 17 to 26 years, minimum and maximum age depend on the policy and criteria of different institutes but generally, the age limit is fixed from 18 to 26 years and not more than that.

Your relationship status also matters while applying for the course of an air hostess, although several institutes prefer to give admission to only unmarried girls some institutes even allow married women as well.

  • Physical fitness

Your physical appearance is one of the major factors which decide your future in any big airline company, minimum height required is 5.2” or 157 cm and the body weight have to be in proportion with your height. Your skin must be fair to clear complexion which is one of the necessary things to have while applying for an air hostess course. Your physique should be attractive and you have to be physically fit without having any major diseases.

  • Mental fitness & medical history

Just like physical fitness you also require to maintain your mental fitness as well, you should not have the history of any brain sickness in past and also need to have a good eye sight as well. You should not have major diseases and overall you have to be mentally fit so that you can attend the in-flight passengers with ease and stay calm throughout the flight even with some tough passengers.

  • Your personality

You must have a good and pleasing voice to greet all the passengers sitting in your flight, your personality should be friendly with all the passengers to make their trip enjoyable so that the passengers do not have any kind of discomfort and unwanted situations to deal with. One nice and friendly personality is what passengers love to have on board before going on a long and boring journey.

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  • Communication skills & presence of mind

A good communications skill is something very necessary so that you can properly communicate with all the passengers irrespective of their country and language. You should possess the ability of convincing passengers if they have to make some sort of adjustments during flight, you also have to take care of the passengers if they need anything and make sure all the passengers feel comfortable during long flying hours.

  • Examination

There is a written examination which is conducted by several airline companies for recruiting air hostesses. You should have to clear the examination before getting a job as an air hostess in any reputed airline company. During written test usually, airline companies check your reasoning skills and test your aptitude, multiple type objective questions were asked same like any other competitive entrance exam. You can prepare yourself for the written test with the help of study material available in the market and even online.

  • Group discussion & Interview

During group discussions, airline companies usually check the hidden qualities in you like your leadership skills, ability to work in a team, your positive attitude and your presence of mind of course and how you deal with negative situations.

Even during hijacks how you respond is the common topic in several group discussions conducted by big airline companies, last and final round is an interview in which an interviewer will judge you and test your presence of mind as well. If you get selected in the interview process, then the airline company will hire you and train for the upcoming six months.

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If you become an air hostess then it is like a dream come true, as you will get a high salary and a golden opportunity to travel the world. In domestic airlines, an air hostess gets a monthly salary of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 80,000 and on the other hand international airlines pay up to Rs 80,000 to 1, 00,000 per month. After working for a certain period of time several airlines can pay up to Rs. 1, 00,000 to 2,00,000 per month to their senior air hostesses. Men can also apply for this job and they are referred as flight stewards or cabin crew. Check more blogs here.