Tips to Ask a Girl Out for a Cup of Coffee!

Wanted to ask someone for a coffee date? Sometimes approaching your crush and striking conversation with her over text or call can go quite well but, asking her out without sounding creepy becomes a tough task  Especially when you don’t know much about her and unsure about her feeling for you. However, Waiting for the perfect time may result in making your story simply, one-sided.

If you wanted to know her better but, don’t want to make things complicated by planning anything exclusive, asking her for a cup of coffee can be the safest deal. A coffee date is a good option for killing the awkwardness vibes between both of you. For those who don’t know how to ask a girl for a cup of coffee? Following are some amazing ways you can try the next time you see her.

Tips to Ask a Girl for a Coffee Date

Most guys feel under pressure when it comes to figuring out how to ask a girl for a cup of coffee. So let discuss some tips that can help you in asking her for a coffee date.

# Be Confident

Yes! Girls like men who approach them with a bit of self-confidence. Confidence and good conviction are the two traits important that can help you win over the battle of love. Be assured and make the girl you are crushing on, feels that you are confident. Keep smiling and make direct eye contact whenever you see her.

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# Check Her Response

Before you approach her, it’s better to look for her response. If she looks at you and smiles back then, you can take it as a good sign that you can’t neglect. Directly approach her making respectful gesture while you invade her personal space and don’t forget to compliment her.

# Don’t Ask Immediately

She may seem interested now, but it is certainly not the right time to ask for the date. It’s better to bide some time as asking directly for a date can make you look desperate. So even if you become friends in your first meeting don’t be too aggressive to ask for coffee instantly. Give some time and let her curiosity built up for some time.

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# Coffee is Casual

When you ask for a coffee make it sound casual rather than exclusive and ask her directly for a cup of coffee while suggesting a good place near you. As being casual will help both of you, remove the awkwardness barrier.

# Use Pick Up Lines

You can ask her for the coffee date directly while you are talking to her asking “are you up for the coffee this week? “However, to make it sound cute, you can say “sorry, but now you owe me a cup of coffee.” When she asks you “why” you can say because “as we have met and now I wanted to know more about you” this may look looks cheesy and clumsy but had worked for many.

# Be Specific and Quite Flexible

While setting a plan for the coffee date you need to bit specific about time saying “sometime next week” or “any time” is dangerous. So better set a specific time, location and date and ask her for that, if the time doesn’t suit her then you need to ask her for the suitable time and set it accordingly.

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Wrap up…

Asking a girl for a coffee date is not that tough when you guys are equipped with the right approach. So don’t over think as the process is very easy and what you need to the proper execution of these approaches. Just remember to stick to the above tips. With them in mind, you will win her interest in you and can ask her out easily. Who knows she is still waiting for you to approach her first. It is perfectly the right moment to ask her for a cup of coffee. If you have not seized it today there are chances that you will lose the opportunity for a lifetime. Check more blogs here.